Curly hair

Curly hair
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Typically, I tend to wear my hair curly. I used to straighten my hair every single day until I re-discovered my hot rollers a few years ago. I noticed that the longer I used them, the better my hair looked. My sister asked me one day what I was doing to get so much body in my hair, so I thought I would devote a post to that very topic.

I don't wash my hair every single day. I usually wash it every two to three days. I noticed that when I was washing it daily, it seemed to go flat very quickly. Spacing out my hair washing seems to give my hair a little bit more life. Since I color my hair I use this shampoo by L'Oreal to help keep my color longer.
  • When I wash my hair, I always flip my head up side down. I swear by this trick! I have done this for so long that one time I decided to wash my hair like a normal person and my hair was so flat that day. 
  • I always use a volumizing mousse on my damp hair before I blow dry.
  • I blow dry my hair upside down until it is about 70% dry and then I flip my head upright and use a round brush, lifting the hair up away from the scalp.
  • Once my hair is dry, I gather the top part of my hair and pull it back on top of my head with a clip. I started doing this while I did my make-up and realized later that keeping my hair lifted off of my head for 15-20 minutes seemed to give my hair a little extra lift.
  • Finally I put my hair up in hot rollers and wait for them to cool completely. I spray my hair with Aussie hair spray and wait about ten minutes before giving it another spritz. (Sometimes I go back for a third spritz.)
When I look at this all typed out, it seems a little ridiculous and over-the-top. It works for me and I will continue to do it. Even if it takes me 2 hours to get ready. 


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