Lunch With the Boys

Francesca's tunic, Seven jeans, F21 blazer, necklace, and bracelet, Nine West heels,
White House Black Market bag (old)

My boys and I ventured out to lunch this week despite the fact that my almost 12-month-old has a cold. I thought it would be a good idea for my three-year-old to get out of the house because he was starting to go stir crazy. What did he do? Tried to play with a painting hanging on the wall, ran and bounced on the seat in the booth, and sat under the table with his shoes off. Oh my goodness. Help.

Completely off the subject, did anyone watch Dancing With the Stars on Monday and Tuesday? As a dancer I am obsessed with any dance show (although I don't really care for So You Think You Can Dance). I've mentioned to my girls that I teach that it is my dream to dance with Mark Ballas on that show. So Mark, if you are reading this (why would you read a fashion blog?) then let's do a foxtrot!


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