Expect the Unexpected

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When it comes to certain articles of clothing, jewelry, or shoes, I tend to stick to complimentary accessories. For example, the gold sequined blouse pictured above would look so cute with a black pencil skirt and black pointed pumps. I typically pair similar items together. However, switching it up a bit and mixing unlikely pieces together can be just as fun. Pairing a studded thick-heeled boot with a girly sequin blouse can be the perfect match.

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When it comes to nautical-inspired clothing, I tend to stick to red or yellow pieces. To me, that just says "nautical." However, I think it is fun to mix prints such as the animal print shoe above, or maybe a floral handbag instead.

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I like the idea of mixing an edgy (or maybe more than one) piece with a feminine look. While I am the girliest, prissiest girl that I know, I love edgy pieces as well. 

What about you? Are you one who chooses the "expected" option? Or are you "unexpected" in your fashion choices? I'd love to know!


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