New Year, New You

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I love starting a new year. I feel like I suddenly have time to try new things. Of course I want to become a more patient person, play with my kids more, work on my spiritual life, and so on. This post, however, is focused on the fun, fashionable ways to change this year.

Having a blog is a great way to really see what other people see (on the surface, that is). I've noticed a lack of color in my handbags, and a serious lack of bold jewelry. Both are things that I love but when it comes to shopping for these items, I tend to shy away. This year, I am going to add a few pieces from this category to my wardrobe. Any of the pieces above make a statement and would be great pieces to own.


I definitely want to try a few new beauty trends. I have loved the double cat eye for quite a while now. Of course, a regular cat eye where I live is probably 'out there' so I haven't attempted the double. I think it would look great for a night out. It might take some practice, but I hope to master the look!

I've done a smoky eye every now and then when I've gone out to dinner with my husband. There are several ways to create the smoky eye and I am always on the lookout for a new method. If you want to try it, I found a step-by-step method here and a video tutorial here.

I don't have any nude lipsticks and I will be hunting for the perfect shade soon. I love the look of a dramatic eye done with nude lips.

False lashes are great when you want to add a little more 'oomph' to your make-up. I have used the strip lashes before (for dance performances) but I think the individual lashes look a little more natural and give a subtle hint of drama to your look. I am going to start using these more for date nights.

This new year is a great time to try new trends in beauty and fashion. Have you thought about things you want to try?

Have a great day!


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