Change It Up!

Tobi skirt, H&M blazer, unknown belt, Steve Madden heels

When I buy a piece of clothing, it's important that I'm able to wear it several different ways. When I purchased this skirt, I really only had one top to wear with it. (You can see that post here.) I haven't really been able to wear this skirt as much as I'd like. Yesterday, however, I decided to wear it as a dress with my new H&M blazer. Since the skirt is a midi-length skirt, it became a lovely length for a dress. You can try this with your midi-length skirts or even maxi skirts. (Maxi skirts could be tricky because if they aren't the perfect length then it would look silly as a dress.)

Finally, I was awarded the "Tell Me About Yourself Award" by Giovanna over at Olive and an Arrow. (Thanks for thinking of me girl!)

The rules of accepting the award are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
2. Write seven random things about yourself.
3. Spread the love to more bloggers.

1. I am a dance teacher. I teach tap and jazz at a local studio. I also choreograph dances for our performing company. I love my dance girls so much. They make my job so incredibly easy and rewarding.

2. I have two little boys. My toddler (three) is my sweet little wild man. My six month old never stops smiling, even when he is upset.

3. I am scared of flying. You would think that by flying over fifty times that I would get over my fear. Nope.

4. I am scared of snakes. This has become a consuming, irrational fear. I'm convinced that they are going to pop out of my kitchen cabinets or just fall out of the sky. Eeeww. I'm freaked out just writing this!

5. I am bad at adding and subtracting. I panic when under pressure and I can't add or subtract simple numbers.

6. I was pretty good at delivering speeches or presenting papers in college. I would memorize the entire paper (I know you aren't supposed to do that) and I would present it all from memory. I practiced delivering it in a way that didn't seem 'rehearsed.' Don't ask me to do it today. I've had two kids and can't remember my own name most days.

7. I love Jesus.

The bloggers I picked are:

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