Color Shock!

Color Shock!

If you are loving the color trend, then you might just love the neon trend that has popped up as well. The electrifying colors are back and in a big way. You can buy the bright colors in just about anything. If you like bold colors in generous amounts, then try a dress. If you prefer just a touch of color, then try a polish or an accessory, such as a belt.

It is hard for me to believe that neon has come back so soon. I'm not old by any means but I'm old enough to have lived through this trend once. I was a mere child, but I remember wearing a pair of hot pink lightening bolt earrings in elementary school. I also remember wearing a matching top and pants that had black and white stripes with splashes of neon pink and green. Naturally I thought I was too cool. Looking back....well, not so much!

It is very hard for me to look at these pieces and not see the little girl with permed hair and crooked teeth. So...I'm not quite sure I can jump on this trend. What are your thoughts? Did you live through this trend? Would you do it again? I would love to know!


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