Tough and Sweet

Tough and Sweet

I seem to have a thing for mixing tough and girly items together. Instead of dressing from head to toe in frills and ruffles, I like to add a bit of edge to balance it out. Or I will add a sweet, girly element to balance out a hard, edgy look. Balance is always key!

Since I paired a biker jacket with this high-low skirt, I decided to add a tall heel to complete the ensemble. Wearing flats with this skirt and jacket would seem too frumpy (in my opinion). I don't know about you, but some outfits of mine can feel too heavy and make me look dumpy until I add a heel for height.

And as for the delayed post... My son kept me up from 4:30-6:30 this morning. So needless to say I was a bit tired this morning. I am writing this post and drinking my coffee until my little boys start demanding my attention. Which is now. The toddler just shut his finger in the door.

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