Garden Party

Garden Party

Spring is in the air! Trees are finally blooming and we are starting to see temperatures in the 70s. Well, we never had a proper winter so we have been seeing unnaturally high temperatures to begin with, but I am not complaining. I am definitely not a winter person so I welcome the change in the weather and blooming trees even if it means my allergies will be going haywire.

Spring is a perfect time (or maybe not for you allergy-prone people) to host a garden party...after you have worked hard planting all of the flowers, that is. You can host a bridal luncheon, baby shower, or just throw a party to celebrate the arrival of spring. If you are like me, you never need an excuse to dress up and get together with friends.

Here are a few things I put together for what I think would make a stellar look for an outdoor affair. If you think wearing heels outside is a bit nuts (I can already hear my mom joking about my obsession with 5 inch heels) then opt for something more turf-friendly like a wedge. It will offer more support and leave your grass without holes.

A floppy hat will offer some much-needed shade for an outdoor affair. The sunglasses give the whole ensemble a slight hippie feel, which I love.

I hope you are enjoying the spring-like weather wherever you are. I know some of you are still experiencing snow but hopefully the warm temperatures are just around the corner for you!


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