Tribal Prints - Part 2: Separates

In yesterday's post I featured tribal prints on dresses only. If being covered from your neck to your knees in a funky print is not your thing, then maybe separates are for you. You can focus the attention on only one part of your body with a print and keep the rest basic with a solid color.

The Aztec flat front shorts would be great with a white blazer and some chunky heels. Push up the sleeves of the blazer and add some bangles to accessorize. I never get tired of a blazer so for me it is always an option.

Stayed tuned for the last segment in my Tribal Prints series tomorrow! Oh, I was going to take pictures this weekend of a new outfit (so cute!) that just arrived but I seemed to have caught the bug that my son had this past week. That is part of being a mother. Sometimes your plans just get rearranged for a bit. Have a fabulous weekend! 


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