I Love the Flower Girl - Part 2

So for those of you who did not catch the title of yesterday's and today's post, I will tell you that it is a line from the song "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things," (you can hear the song here). When I was thinking about my floral series for the weekend, I couldn't help but sing the song aloud. It is somewhat meaningful to me because my mom loves it so much. She was just recently married to her first love (they dated in high school but didn't find each other again until about three years ago), and this was a song that was special to them. Apparently, my step-dad called my mom his 'flower girl." Hence the title of my series.

I decided to devote today's post to skirts, shorts, and pants. Floral prints seem quite appropriate on skirts and shorts as they are very spring-like and summery in their nature. However, floral prints on pants and jeans are a little different (in my opinion), so of course I love them! (I love anything out of the ordinary when it comes to clothing.) I think pairing a loose-fitting, breezy top with any of these options would look great for spring. Add some flat sandals, light make-up, and some beach waves to your hair, and you have a modern hippie look that is sure to look effortless.

Out of all of the options, I think I like the sheer floral pants from Forever 21. A great buy at only $25 and they are different from the floral pieces I have seen lately. Which is yours?


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