Inspired by Classy Kate

Black Lace Dress
When it comes to classic-chic dressing, one person comes to mind: Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge exudes such a beautiful, quiet elegance with the clothing that she chooses. Nothing about her wardrobe is tacky, over-the-top or cheap looking, in my opinion. Last night I was scrolling through some of her 'best-dressed' photos that InStyle compiled on their website. (You can see all of the different looks here). There were several pictures that I adored but one stood out immediately. The Duchess wore a custom Temperley London gown to a premiere not that long ago. I thought that the black lace gown was so beautiful, elegant, chic, etc. I thought I would try to find a few black lace dress options that emulate the grace and elegance of the gown she wore that night not too long ago.

Of course these dresses are not replicas in any shape or form but they still have that beautiful elegance to them that remind me of the dress that she wore. If these dresses are not in your budget, I did find other options here, here, and here. I just couldn't fit all of the dresses onto one collage! (If you prefer white, here is an option).

I think it is refreshing to see a young woman in the spotlight who dresses in a beautiful, classic style. What are your thoughts? Do you like the way Kate dresses?

Notte by Marchesa black gown
$446 -

Lela Rose scoop neck dress
$1,495 -

Milly dress
$355 -


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