Pick Your Perfect (Maxi) Skirt

Maxi skirts on the menu for today! I love a good maxi skirt. They are so easy to wear (and comfortable too!) and can be dressed up or down for just about any occasion. Try pairing a knotted chambray shirt (or any other button-up shirt, for that matter) with a maxi skirt for a casual look. Throw on a fedora (I'm really getting back into the fedora look again) and you have a perfect weekend outfit.

Right now I am really liking the pleated maxi skirts as well as the ones with a high-low hem. Which is your favorite (assuming you even like maxi skirts) out of the few I selected?


                                                                   Beauty Bit

So seeing as how this is a fashion AND beauty blog, I thought I should actually contribute to the 'beauty' part of it. Somehow fashion just seems to get all of the hype on this blog. :)

I came across this little article on InStyle's website last night. Essentially it says that purple eye shadow looks great on green-eyed girls. I won't argue with this point but would like to say that I think it looks just as great on blue and brown-eyed girls the same. I tend to wear purple eye shadow a lot and (having blue eyes) think that the purple actually makes my blue eyes stand out even more. I think this is the point they were trying to make with green eyes. Perhaps purple is just such a vibrant color that it can't help but make your eyes look brighter no matter what their hue.

To apply: Try a dark shade of purple in the crease of your eye and blend out and up (toward your brow somewhat). Use a lighter shade of purple (preferably a little lighter than this) on the top part of your eye lid and blend in to meet the dark shadow. Use a highlighting shade and apply just beneath your eyebrow. This is the way I have been applying eye shadow for years (my mom taught me) and it works rather well for me.


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