Just Dance

That's me in the middle!

I had a reader mention the other day that she didn't know I taught dance. Dance has been such a big part of my life for the past fifteen years. I started late (at age eighteen) but loved it from the moment I started and was very serious about it. Of course starting that late in the game, I was pretty much guaranteed that I would not be 'professional.' At the time I desperately wanted to become a professional ballerina, despite my late start.

I'm so glad that God knows a lot more about what's good for me than I do. I struggled through ballet and pointe classes trying to make myself be the best. I thought I loved it but it was in jazz class that I felt 'home.' 

Now at almost 33, I realize that my passion has always been for jazz and I would never have been happy as a ballerina. I still take ballet classes every now and then because the foundation of any good dancer (or teacher) is ballet. 

Being a teacher is the best part about being a dancer. I realize that performing is not really for me (although I did dance in our recital last year and that was fun). I enjoy teaching my awesome girls and watching them grow each year. This year is my fifth year to teach and some of the girls were just little girls when I started. I've watched them grow into beautiful young women and am so impressed with how far they have come. I can't keep up with them!

Just one of the many awesome girls that I teach. My goal is to be as flexible as her by the end of the year!

Another one of my sweet girls. I can't get my leg up that high. Unless someone is holding it up.

It's never too late to start dance! 


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