New Take On An Old Combination

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Black and white has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It is a classic staple with which you can't go wrong, no matter your shape or size. 

What I love about the re-birth of this classic combination are the new styles that accompany it. The re-discovered trend is more than just pairing a white t-shirt with black pants (although there is nothing wrong with that in my book!). What I love is the colorblocking in bags, shoes, and separates. The sandals pictured above (can you believe the top left is a Target shoe?!) all sport modern design with interesting color blocking. While the colorblocking trend may seem too 'trendy' to some, finding pieces in black and white will ensure that you can use it forever.
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Who doesn't love to look a tiny bit smaller? Look for garments that visually draw the eye in. The dress on the left is a classic silhouette but the two black stripes give it a modern feel. The skirt on the right is just your average pencil skirt but is very much 'today' with the colorblocking.

What are your favorite black and white combinations? I'd love to know! 


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