Beach Bound

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I put together a few things that I think would be perfect for a trip to the beach. I love the idea of a bright patterned short and crop top to go over a bikini. Of course, in my perfect world I would wear this. I'm not that confident after having my second baby. (So funny how you bounce right back after the first baby but things aren't so quick to go back after the second!) 


Of course, no beach trip would be complete without a few essentials for your relaxation time. Here are just a handful of things that I would bring to the beach.
  1. A cute striped beach towel is a must.
  2. Get a Kindle with a cute case and store numerous books for your trip. (Then you won't have to pack 3-4 paperbacks in your bag.)
  3. Protect your lips from sun damage with a lip balm.
  4. Don't forget to protect your hair! If floppy hats aren't your thing, use a spray to protect the scalp and your strands from sun damage.
  5. Unwind a little with a glass of wine (at sunset) or a mixed drink (day). These handy little stakes go down in the sand right next to your chair so your drink is away from the sand.
  6. Make sure you hydrate your body with plenty of water! Sitting out in the sun without drinking water is not good for your body! (Especially if you have had a cocktail. Make sure you replenish your fluids!)


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