Best Sunglasses For Your Face

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Picking out sunglasses isn't always as easy as just grabbing the most stylish pair. You want the shape to work on your face. Not sure of your face shape? Here are a few tips:
  • Heart-shaped - a wider forehead that narrows at the chin. 
  • Oval - all of the features are pretty much balanced. The cheekbones are high with a narrow chin.
  • Square - broad forehead with a strong, angular chin.
Those with a heart-shaped face should look for frames that help to broaden the jawline of the face. Frames that are large or bottom-heavy will help to do this. 

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Those with an oval shaped face are lucky because just about any frame works for them. Square frames work on an oval face because the soft curves can handle angular frames.

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Those with a square-shaped face should look for rounded frames to help balance the sharp angles of the face. 

The good news is that aviators work with just about any face shape, as seen below:

Even my three-year-old looks adorable in his aviators. Have a great day!


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