Neon Touches

F21 blouse, Seven jeans, Target shoes, F21 earrings, necklace, and bangles,
Charming Charlie ring, Essie's 'Status Symbol' polish

My husband and I had another dinner/movie date this weekend. We went to a restaurant not too far from our house and got a burger and fries. (They have the best sweet potato fries!) Usually I don't order a burger and fries for dinner. That is more of a meal that I do for lunch but I was craving one of their amazing burgers. We snapped these pictures right before it started pouring down rain. Thank goodness I was only in 3 inch heels or I would not have been able to make it to the car. 

We went and saw The Avengers, which I liked. My husband and I started talking about who we would want to rescue us if we were in trouble. I decided on Iron Man because he is strong, he can fly, and he has built in guns. I guess if he was busy then my next pick would be Thor. (I'm a sucker for his accent!) After the movie, I was unable to walk to the car from the theater. My feet were killing me in these shoes! I had horrible blisters on the back of my heels (probably from not wearing them in a long time) so my husband carried me out to the car on his back. I'm sure we looked like a young, flirting couple at that moment.


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