Summer Destination: Vegas

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Another reader, Holly at Holly Goes Lightly, contacted me about putting outfits together for her upcoming anniversary trip. When packing for Vegas, one wants to be stylish but comfortable at the same time. A wedge sandal should be comfortable enough for walking the strip, as long as you aren't trying to walk the entire strip. That would be tiring no matter what your shoe choice!

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When I went to Vegas last, the popular fashion choice for evening consisted of super tight, super low-cut, and short dresses. I'm talking so short that if the girl wearing it raised her arm, even to adjust her hair, her whole butt would have been hanging out. 

My husband and I were leaving dinner one evening and saw a long line of scantily clad girls waiting to get into a club. I stopped and my jaw hit the floor. I had never seen anything like that in my life. I joked that we had run into the hoochie mama convention. 

So with that said, I created two stylish (un-hoochie) looks for an evening out on the town. I can't decide which look I like more. Perhaps the second because those red heels are killer!

I hope you have a blast in Vegas, Holly!


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