Do you guys have a favorite eye make-up remover? I have never been 'married' to just one. I've tried several products over the years. The last remover I used was Almay's Oil Free Eye Make-Up Remover. While it did the job somewhat, I never really realized how much of my eye make-up still remained after I washed my face at night. I noticed that some of my concealer still remained in the fine lines under my eyes. A hint of eyeliner still remained around the rims of my eyes. I never really thought much of it until I tried this remover from Botanics.


I picked it up on one of my many Target runs not too long ago. I am always up for trying new beauty products. I had never heard of the brand before so I thought I would live on the wild side and give it a shot. Let me just tell you, I LOVE it! 

I squeeze a tiny amount of product onto my finger and gently massage my eye. Then I take a tissue and gently wipe away the product along with some of my make-up. (Doing this alone does not get rid of all the make-up.)  After I have done both eyes, I wash my face like normal, making sure that I wash the eye area as well. I was very surprised after my first use of this product that NO make-up remained. Using this product along with my normal face wash got every single drop of make-up off of my face.

The only negative aspect would be that it burned when it got into my eyes. Of course, the back of the label says to 'avoid direct contact with eyes.' So basically, keep your eyes shut until you have washed it away and you should have no problem.

If you are looking for a new eye make-up remover, I definitely recommend this one. You can pick it up at Target for only $7.


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