A few weeks ago I did a post on taking old, broken jewelry and creating new pieces out of it. (You can see the first post here.)

I decided that since I no longer wear this bracelet, that I would make something else out of it. It isn't that I don't like it. It is cute but it pinched my skin so it was slightly uncomfortable. It was too pretty to be sitting in my jewelry collection simply because it was painful to wear.

I found these little brown squares at Hobby Lobby for under $5.

Finished product.

I ended up using only three pieces from the bracelet, but I plan on making more pieces (earrings) in the near future. I like the idea of getting multiple pieces from a single unit as I did in my first jewelry-making post.

I also got all of the jewelry findings from Hobby Lobby. It is a great source if you are remaking jewelry.

                                                          ***** Product Review *****

Have any of you tried the new (well, fairly new) concealer by Maybelline? The Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer (sheesh, what a long product name) says that it gets rid of dark circles and helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness. I have struggled with what I believe to be extremely dark circles for years now. My mom says that it's because I was too rough applying my concealer as a teen. (I would use my fingers and roughly blend the product in under my eye.) I don't know if that is true, but she is my mom and I have found that mom is always right...

I have tried several concealers over the years but decided to try this one not too long ago. I was tired of my current product (Mary Kay) because the concealer was too heavy and thick. This new product from Maybelline seems to be quite the opposite. It has a sponge applicator on the end so you just twist the tube until the product is released into the sponge and dab on as needed. A few twists to the tube goes a long way. The little sponge stays saturated with product for several days so there is no need to keep twisting the tube.

I think that I really like this concealer. It goes on smoothly and doesn't look or feel heavy to me. It also doesn't settle into the fine lines as much as other concealers have. If you are looking for a change in your beauty routine then I would definitely recommend this product.

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