Swimsuit Guide

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Swimsuit season is just around the corner! Here is a guide to help you find the swimsuit that is perfect for your body.

For you women out there with small, boyish frames, look for swimsuits that will enhance or create curves. For small busts, look for tops that have detailing (ruched tops, ruffles.) These features will help to enhance a small bust. Also, look for bottoms with ruffles around the hips. This will create the illusion of hips on a narrow frame.

Swimwear 2
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For those of you who don't want to wear a bikini, try a slimming one piece. (I just feel weird in a bikini after having two kids.) All three of the swimsuits pictured above are visually slimming. If you aren't ready for a one piece but don't want to leave the two piece days behind, then try a suit with cut outs on the sides. The front offers coverage and visually nips in your waist with the design.

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Women with large busts may feel that they can't wear a bikini. Not so! Just make sure you pick a top that offers plenty of support and coverage. All three of these tops offer great coverage and are adorable to boot.

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The two swimsuits above are for two different body types (both with large busts). The first option shows a smaller bottom. If you have curvy hips, wearing big bottoms to try and 'hide' your hips may do the opposite. Since your bust is large, wear a smaller bottom so that the proportions will be balanced. The eye will not stop on your hips but will see the whole ensemble.

The same goes for the second look. If you are large on the top and tiny on the bottom, even it out by wearing a slightly larger bottom. You will look more balanced this way.

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And just for fun....some color blocked swimsuits!

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