Colorful Wine

When my husband and I married, we found that we brought duplicate things into our new home. Two blenders, numerous utensils, and way too many wine glasses. In fact, one whole cabinet (three shelves) in our kitchen now holds wine glasses alone. It seems wasteful to have that many boring glasses just sitting there.

So me being the crafty person I am (a little sarcasm there), I decided that I would paint some of them and make them more exciting. This glass was inspired by a beach ball. Of course, beach balls don't usually have as many colors as what I used...or rhinestones either.

While it was inspired by a beach ball, it looks like a wine glass that a court jester would have used. (Were they even allowed to drink at court?) When my sister asked how it would not be ruined when I washed it, I sat there, dumb in silence. Oh. Right. I gave it a couple of coats of mod podge to help seal the paint. Hopefully that will help and maybe infrequent use will keep this glass colorful.

I have another idea for a design that doesn't involve as much paint near the lip rim. Perhaps that will make it more suitable for frequent use.

Have a fantastic day! 


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