Same Shoes, Different Outfit

F21 blazer, romper, and necklace; Carlos Santana heels, Target glasses, gifted ring,
Essie's 'Status Symbol' polish

I think this pair of shoes might be my new favorite...or should I say old favorite? (I have had them for several years.) I originally bought them to wear to my mom's wedding (she married her high school sweetheart a few years ago), but have found that they go with several outfits. I just love when something has versatility.

This romper and blazer would be rather boring if it weren't for the statement necklace and shoes. Accessories are a great way to bring a look from basic to stylish and chic.

I probably shouldn't wear shorts or skirts that show the ginormous bruises on my knees. We have had several rehearsals in the past week for our performance coming up (I'm dancing...pray for me), and I have bruises from the dance. I'm sure I'm the only one because the girls that I teach are not as spastic as I am. 

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